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Welcome to INVENT! the nurse team element of IMERT


The Illinois Nurse Team (INVENT) is a volunteer group of Registered Nurses (RNs) trained to provide nursing care during a state declared disaster or emergency situations. The INVENT team is a part of IMERT, the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team. Circumstances under which INVENT may be activated include; mass casualty incidents, mass immunization efforts, or local hospital surges. INVENT may also be activated to enhance an IMERT response, staffing feld hospitals and assisting local health departments with post-exposure follow-up.

Partnering with other agencies such as: IDPH, ITTF, Emergency Medical Services for Children, and Emergency Nurses Associations. Nurses are provided with disaster response training.

There is a need for nurses to prepare for community disaster. We are currently seeking RNs from all backgrounds and specialty areas to join INVENT.




The Illinois Nurse Team is comprised of registered nurses with a variety of clinical backgrounds. INVENT is designed to supplement an IMERT response to foster sustainability of response into the recovery phase. IMERT, the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team and Illinois Nurse Team are comprised of some 800+ volunteers from every region of the state. These individuals come from the medical and emergency response community as well as the private sector. The volunteers train to respond to communities impacted by disasters that result in the paralysis or destruction of the healthcare infrastructure. The primary mission is to provide interim medical care by supporting local and regional resources as directed by the Incident Commander.  Conditions are often austere, requiring responders to be self-sufficient.



IMERT-INVENT has responded to numerous emergencies, disasters, and high risk/high profile events around the state as well as to Louisiana in response to Hurricane Katrina.

The IMERT program is multi-faceted. The response team itself has the following elements; IMERT, INVENT (the Illinois Nurse Team), USAR Medical (Urban Search and Rescue) and SWMD Medical (State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team). IMERT is capable of a flexible, scalable medical response. The initial response team roll-out can be accomplished in 8-12 hours. Once the response team is on site the clinical footprint is set up utilizing a package of responders from various clinical backgrounds and an equipment package for about 50 patients. The other crucial piece for response capability is the logistics component. This group is comprised of volunteers with special skill sets such as; information technology, communications, HAM radio operators, materials management, scene safety, and resource management.




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